MDCB August 2015 Exam is Coming!

By David Djajaputra, March 04, 2015

The MDCB recently released the August 2015 Applicant Handbook. Steve Yan, CMD, who is one of WePassed main authors for Medical Dosimetry, recently sent us his first "read" of the handbook. First of all, the exam will have questions from 7 different categories as shown in the pie chart below. They are not equally weighted; the biggest slice is from the Treatment Planning category, as you would expect.

The result will be graded in 4 levels: Level 1 (76-100%), Level 2 (56-75%), Level 3 (26-55%), and Level 4 (0-25%). The passing grade is 63%.

You will have 225 minutes (3:45 hours) to complete the exam and there will be 155 questions, so you get slightly less than 1.5 minute to do each question. 

The main message from Steve is that the three biggest slices of the category pie (Treatment Planning, Radiation Physics, and Dose Calculation) make up a whopping 70% of the total number of questions. Based on their percentages, there will be about 60 questions in Treatment Planning, and about 15 questions each in Radiation Physics and Dose Calculation categories. The 70% total of these three categories is is already bigger than the passing grade. So if you can do well in these three categories, you will likely pass the exam!

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