Medical Dosimetry: Treatment Preparation Rescheduled! Now June 2nd

By Christina Ruiz, April 16, 2016

We'd like to invite you to attend our next FREE webinar on Medical Dosimetry: Treatment Preparation!

Date + Time: Thursday, June 2nd, 2016 at 7:30pm ET

Speaker: Marisa Sheehan, CMD

This Webinar will cover Medical Dosimetry: Treatment Preparation as a prelude to Treatment Planning.

An integrated process that includes:

  • Radiographic Simulation
  • CT Simulation
  • Virtual Simulation
  • Preparing for Simulation
  • Simulation Processes
  • Patient Data Acquisition
  • MRI and PET fusion
  • Documentation


Marisa Sheehan, CMD has been teaching since 1977 at several institutions including; the University of Michigan, Henry Ford Hospital, Grand Valley State University, and Medical Management Technology Institute. She is proficient in Eclipse, Pinnacle, Theraplan, UMplan, Oncentra, Prowess, Xknife, and other treatment planning systems on UNIX, VAX, and PC platforms. Marisa Sheehan has also given presentations to the American Association of Medical Dosimetrists and the Michigan Association of Radiation Therapy Technologists. 


This FREE webinar is open to all, and it will be of particular interest to medical dosimetrists preparing for their board or MOC exam. Those who need a quick review or refresher on the topic will also find this webinar useful. Webinars are available to WePassed subscribers for review one week after the scheduled webinar. Register to become a WePassed subscriber, join now online.

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Melissa Tyson 2017/04/14 12:25
#1 Is this webinar for June 2017??
Camille Meyers-Jones 2017/05/09 09:07
#1.1 Hi Melissa! It was for June 2016. If you would like to watch the presentation, we have it available to all subscribers in our library.